Goldwell Elixir Oil Treatment

Product Name:Elixir Oil Treatment
Goldwell Elixir Oil Treatment

Goldwell Elixir Conditioning Hair Oil is designed for the repair of all hair and scalp types. The cosmetic is the combination of two oils: argan and tamanu. The first one has moisturising and nourishing properties; it is rich in vitamin E – a substance which fights off free radicals. The other oil contains antioxidants which help hair and scalp to keep young look and health.

Goldwell Elixir has a beneficial influence on our scalp. Thanks to the product, hair bulbs and follicles are better nourished and stronger. Hair becomes incredibly smooth and shiny; the colour of the strands is much deeper. Detangling is easier whereas styling hair – much quicker. What is more, Goldwell Elixir protects hair from mechanical damage as well as makes hair smooth and reduces frizz. It helps to tame even most unruly strands and to do most complicated hairstyles.

Goldwell Elixir Conditioning Hair Oil can be applied to dry as well as to wet hair. If we apply it to dry strands, it gives an amazing and natural-looking finish of a hairstyle whereas applied to wet hair – it helps to style it. If we want to enhance the action of the product, we can cover head with a towel after the application. The heat produced between the scalp and the towel will speed up the absorption of nutrients, stimulate blood circulation in skin cells as well as strengthen hair bulbs and follicles. After more or less one hour, you must wash your hair thoroughly and let it dry off.

The manufacturer provided Goldwell Elixir packaging with a pump which makes the application extremely easy. One 100 ml bottle holds out approximately three months of regular use. Goldwell Elixir has a very pleasant scent; it is clear.