5 homemade products based on argan oil

argan-oil.jpgArgan oil reigns in care in the recent years. It is no wonder, considering the fact that it is one of the most effective oriental vegetable oils with such a rich composition, and so many valuable properties. Its price is adequate to the effectiveness. Let us present five ideas of how to use argan oil in homemade treatments.

Argan oil is primarily composed of unsaturated fatty acids which are essential for proper hydration and nutrition. A major part are the oleic and linoleic acids. In addition, argan oil is a combination of almost a hundred active substances, including carotenoids, polyphenols, antioxidant, anti-aging tocopherols (vitamin E) and other components.

Nourishing nail serum.

Argan oil must be combined with a freshly pressed lemon juice. One tablespoon of each of them is more than enough. Soak your nails in this mixture for about ten minutes. It is also a god idea to gently massage the nail plate. This procedure will effectively strenghten hand and foot nails and give them healthy shine.

Facial and hand scrub.

Another combination of two natural ingredients creates an organic exfoliating scrub. Nourishing argan oil should be blended with honey (necessarily natural, partly crystallized, with flecks of wax).Apply this mixture to your face. Do not forget about a gentle massage in a circular motion. Rinse well after several minutes.

Extra moisturizing facial serum.

A blend of hyaluronic gel and argan oil is the best way to deeply and naturally hydrate your face. The two ingredients should be combined in equal proportions. Then, pat the milky emulsion on the face. Moisturizing serum based on argan oil is lighter than the oil itself, therefore it does not leave a greasy film and is much better absorbed.

Hair mask.

Homemade hair masks made with argan oil are one of the most popular cosmetics in hair care. The presented recipe is based on mixing argan oil with egg yolk and a few drops of castor oil. Additionally, you can enrich the mask depending on your needs. For example a few drops of brightening lemon juice, nourishing olive oil, strenghtening field horsetail, etc.

Simply…pure agran oil.

Pure argan oil is the most effective product, after all. It can be applied directly on the face (instead of your facial cream, it can replace a serum, under eye cream, it is used as a cleanser and as a make-up remover), on your body (as a body lotion, or a spot serum), on your hair (on the hair ends, for oiling, in the CWC method). There is a wide variety of usage of the argan oil.


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