Argan oil in hair styling. What are its uses?

It’s been named a Morocco liquid gold. Despite higher price and poorer availability, it is tremendously popular. It is an irreplaceable tool in the fight with most common hair problems. What is it? It’s argan oil, rich in unsaturated fatty omega acids and natural antioxidants.

hair-care.jpgIt’s been proved that argan hair oil works perfectly in every day hair care. It offers complex nourishing and moisturizing of every hair cell but it’s not the end. Argan oil shows some healing properties i.e. eliminates inflammation, restores damaged hair fibre, strengthens hair bulbs, prevents infections and many other things. However, we raraly realize that the properties of argan oil allow for using it in hair styling. How is it done? What effects can we expect?

Makes styling easier. Thanks to argan oil, applied to damp (only towel dried) hair, hair is easier to brush and to style e.g. thermal styling.

Fixes the hairdo. Applying argan oil to dry and styled hair makes the hairstyle elastic and durable. It also provides durability without the feeling of stiff and sticky hair.

Emphasizes curls and waves. Argan oil may also work as a product which fixes tubling curls or romantic waves. Spraying a bit of the oil will make the hairstyle more bouncy and shiny.

Protects from high temperature. The best product which protects our hair from destructive high temperature (e.g. hair dryer, curling or flat iron) is argan oil applied to damp hair.

Prevents electrifying. Problem with electrifying hair makes styling more difficult. You can easily eliminate it by applying a drop of argan oil to hair right before the use of round brush and dryer.

Eliminates frizzy hair. Argan oil can effectively stop hair from getting frizzy no matter if we style hair with the use of high tempreature or leave it to dry naturally.

Provides volume. The best thing about the work of argan oil in hair care is adding volume at the roots of hair. We only have to apply a drop of oil to dry hair from the roots to the ends.

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