Properties and Use of Argan Oil

Obtained from the seeds of Moroccan Argania, oil, is an irreplaceable cosmetic. Cold pressed oil for cosmetic purposes has lots of properties, which differentiate it from other vegetable oils. On top of that, there is a good reason why argan oil is valued for ages in conditioning by the population of the Berber. It is because miraculous liquid gold of Morocco has multidimensional properties.

argan-oil.jpg1. Skin care. The most important action of the argan oil and most of vegetable oils is moisture and skin regeneration. Agran oil is suitable for skin care of all skin types – dry skin will be moisturised, oily skin normalised and normal nourished. Besides, argan oil can also soften and make skin more delicate.

2. Skin rejuvenation. As the most relevant action of argan oil is very often enumerated skin rejuvenation through reactivation of vital functions of cells, but also protection against harmful factors (e.g. UV radiation, stress, wind, rain). You shouldn’t forget about nourishing, strengthening and elasticity providing properties – it all impacts skin condition and its young appearance.

3. Hair regeneration. Argan oil a is great natural product, which can be used in hair care. It moisturises, nourishes, restores and strengthens hair dealing with problem of dryness, brittleness and split ends. Best option is hair oil treatment or application of oil only on hair ends.

4. Prevents skin changes. It includes plenty of skin changes, because argan oil has complex properties. Starting from acne, through minor wrinkles, exanthema, scars and finishing on the cellulite. Rubbing argan oil results with even skin complexion and firmness.

5. Healing skin diseases. Some of you might be surprised that oil can heal, but it is in fact proven action. Argan oil supports healing of skin changes, like eczema, acne (also acne rosacea), psoriasis and many other. Regular skin care with argan oil results with calming symptoms, the withdrawal of the lesions and preventing its recurrence.

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